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The University Endowment Lands (UEL) Administration has a small staff who collectively provide a wide range of services to UEL residents and businesses.

Services include: administration of the Land Use, Community and Administration Bylaw (PDF, 9.29MB) issuance of development and building permits, business licences, special events and film permits, building inspection, dog licences, parking, garbage and green waste collection, drinking water and water regulation.

UEL staff are also tasked with reviewing and updating the Official Community Plan (PDF, 5.36MB) and bylaws and recommending changes to the University Endowment Land Act, as required to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the municipality, public consultation on key issues affecting the community, and providing support for the Community Advisory Council (CAC) and the Advisory Design Panel (ADP).

The UEL Administration Management Staff:

UEL Manager - Jonn Braman
The UEL Manager is appointed by the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development to oversee the administration of the UEL Lands.

The Manager is responsible for the overall administration and enforcement of the University Endowment Land Act, UEL Official Community Plan (PDF 5.36MB), the Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw (PDF, 9.29MB) and Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulations, including decisions regarding development applications and variances.

The Manager also oversees service arrangements with the City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, University of British Columbia (UBC) and provincial service delivery agencies responsible for highways and policing.

The Manager leads reviews of the Official Community Plan, Land Use rules and regulations, UEL legislation and recommends changes that may be required to fulfil the community's vision and enhance the operation of the Administration. The Manager receives advice from the Community Advisory Council and the Advisory Design Panel.

Deputy Manager - Steve Butt
The Deputy Manager is responsible for the management of a comprehensive program of municipal public works services in the UEL, including the development and implementation of a long-term infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation program.

The Deputy Manager manages the Public Works Yard and staff, including building inspection and enforcement services. The position plays a key role in ensuring compliance with the Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw (PDF, 9.29MB), zoning regulations, the University Endowment Land Act and Regulations, the BC Building Code and Plumbing Codes and Safety Codes and practices.

The Deputy Manager is involved in all aspects of UEL policy and bylaw development, develops and institutes operational procedures, and oversees or supports implementation of service arrangements with other agencies.