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All dogs three months of age and older must be licensed within the University Endowment Lands (UEL). The licences and tags may be obtained from the UEL Administration Office, and must be renewed annually.

As outlined in the UEL Schedule 14: Control of Animals Bylaw (PDF, 30KB), annual licences and licence fees are due and payable on January 1st of each year.

Annual dog licence fees are as follows:

Male and female dogs $30.00
Neutered male and spayed female dogs $15.00
Late renewal fee (after January 31st - in addition to licence fee) $5.00

In 2013, the UEL began issuing perpetual dog tags to residents. Following payment of the dog licence fee, a dog tag is issued. A dog licence fee is still payable in subsequent years; however, a new dog tag will not be issued. Rather than coming to the UEL administration office, residents will now have the option of paying their annual dog licence fee by mailing a cheque to the office.

New dog tags will be issued if the original tag has been lost or when a resident obtains a new pet.

If you have questions about dog licensing in the UEL, please contact the UEL Administration Office at 604-660-1808.