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The Community Advisory Council (CAC) advises the University Endowment Lands (UEL) Manager on matters that may have a significant effect on the cost, quality or capacity of community services in the UEL.

The CAC was established in May 2007, and is comprised of seven members who are elected from the neighbourhood they represent.

Elections for Council Members are held within the UEL every three years, concurrent with municipal elections. A new Council was elected in November 2014.

The current CAC membership includes:

Area A: Dave Forsyth (President); Lynne Pomfret
Area B: Jaymie Glasmann Ho (Vice-President)
Area C: Peter McConnell (Secretary-Treasurer)
Area D: Hong Chen, Mojan Nozari, Justin LeBlanc

Minutes of past CAC meetings are available on-line or can be viewed at the UEL Administration Office.

If you would like to contact a CAC member, or wish to appear at a monthly CAC meeting, please visit the CAC web site.