Emergency Preparedness

As a UEL resident, are you ready for a major disaster? An earthquake? A wildfire? A severe windstorm? A winter snow or ice storm? Do you have water, food and other emergency items on hand if you were to lose your power, heat or water supply for three or more days?

Buy Your Home Emergency Kit

The following links are not provided as recommendations or endorsements. This is only a partial listing of some kits that are available:
Emergency Preparedness Products - Province of BC - survival & first aid supplies website
Canadian Red Cross eShop - products
University Neighbourhoods Association - 72 hour kits
Costco - Emergency Preparedness Kits

Build Your Home Emergency Kit

Build An Emergency Kit - Province of BC
應急用品包  (地震,山火) - Province of BC

Why Prepare? Disaster Consequences

Power (electricity, streetlights) and gas (heat) may be out for days. Can you keep your family warm and safe?

Communications (cell and landlines) might not work or be limited. Do you have a plan to reconnect your family if disaster happens?

Water might not be available and sewer systems could be affected for weeks. Do you have an adequate emergency water supply at home, work and in your car?

Transportation systems and routes could be limited or routes changed. Do you and your family have sturdy walking boots at home, work and school?

Older Buildings could suffer major damage (chimneys and glass could be major hazards). What are the hazards around your home if there was an earthquake or fire?

Health Care systems will be temporarily overwhelmed (ambulances, hospitals). Do you have a first aid kit and is your family trained in first aid?

Evacuation may be required (fire risk, building damage).
Do you have an emergency radio and know what radio stations to listen to?

What Risks? UEL/UBC hazards include the following:

Earthquake – major earthquakes happen along the coast, and BC is overdue for a big one.

Tsunami – an earthquake could trigger an underwater landslide in Georgia Straight.

Wildfires – summer drought increases the risk to the regional park. A big fire could threaten many houses.

Structural fire – a major building fire was the last big disaster in the UEL. Fire is always a risk.

Storms – wind, snow and ice storms could cut off power for days.

Landslides – along the perimeter of the park, after a major rainfall, landslides are a risk.

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery
Province of BC website