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Garbage, Yard and Organic Waste collection in the University Endowment Lands (UEL) follow schedules that vary by neighbourhood:

Area A Schedule
Areas B & C Schedule

Please note that the above schedules also incorporate the current recycling schedule issued by Recycle BC.

The UEL provides a combined yard and organics waste collection program for Areas A, B and C. For more information on what can and cannot be disposed in your organics waste bin, please see this useful guide.

Garbage will be collected on a biweekly basis (every two weeks) and yard and organic waste is collected weekly. It is important that each resident be familiar with these schedules and the procedures for placing totes for collection.

Recycling for Areas A, B and C is managed by Recycle BC through their contractor GFL Environmental. For more information, please visit: Recycle BC - UEL

Residents of Area D should contact their property manager(s) or strata council(s) for information on their waste disposal services.

Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator

Metro Vancouver's Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator is available at Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator.

The Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator arose as an action out of the illegal dumping workshop with the REAC Solid Waste Subcommittee and Municipal Waste Reduction Coordinators Committee in July 2021. Metro Vancouver developed the Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator to help customers understand the cost of recycling and disposal at Metro Vancouver recycling and waste centres. Please visit the link above for further information.