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这份通知包含可能影响您的重要信息. 请找人替您翻译

Pursuant to Section 12 of the University Endowment Land Act, the Minister of Municipal Affairs intends to amend the following bylaws:

Official Community Plan

  • To create a Community Centre Advisory Board that will have input into the operations of the future UEL community centre

The bylaws are available for review at the UEL Administration Office from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm and available online here.


In 2016, bylaws were created for the leləm development (Block F) that require the Musqueam Capital Corporation (MCC) to build a community centre and turn it over to the Province to operate for the benefit of UEL residents. In 2018, MCC proposed an additional funding source for the community centre in the form of guaranteed community centre memberships from leləm strata residents in exchange for them having input into the operations of the community centre through seats on an advisory board. The bylaw amendment amends the UEL Official Community Plan to establish this advisory board.

Have questions? Please direct all inquiries to PlanUEL@gov.bc.ca.

Change of Land Use District Application #1/20
5784 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1K6
Lot 13, Block 97, DL 140, Plan 8743

Burb Cannabis Corporation has applied to the UEL on behalf of Mandial Holdings Ltd., Inc for an amendment to the UEL Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw for a Change of Land Use District (rezoning) to allow for the conditional use of a non-medical cannabis retail store at 5784 University Boulevard. The applicant has proposed the following hours of operation for the cannabis retail store: 9:00am to 11:00 pm Monday – Saturday; 10:00am to 8:00 pm Sunday. For more information, please see the Neighbour Notification letter here.

Written comments will be accepted up to 4:00 pm on June 9th, 2021.

Please note that for non-medical cannabis retail licence applications in the UEL, written comments submitted as part of this rezoning application will be considered as gathering residents’ views for the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), and will inform MVRD’s recommendations on the licensee’s application to the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB).


Bylaw Enactment

On April 6, 2021, pursuant to Section 12(5) of the University Endowment Land Act, the Minister of Municipal Affairs amended the following bylaws to incorporate the Area D Neighbourhood Plan:

Official Community Plan

  • to update land use designations and maps for Area D;
  • ancillary and other amendments related to the inclusion of the Area D Neighbourhood Plan; and
  • to include the Area D Neighbourhood Plan as Appendix 1.

Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw

  • to update the bylaw related to the Area D Neighbourhood Plan;
  • to amend the bylaw related to bicycle parking provisions, EV parking and charging, BC Energy Step Code, home occupation, adaptable dwelling units, noise guidelines;
  • to include a new Schedule on Rental Protection; and
  • to update and consolidate design guidelines.

Works and Services Bylaw

  • to ensure consistent numbering of an Appendix

The signed Ministerial Order number M164 can be found here.

Learn more on our webpage: AreaDPlan.ca


The UEL residents are being asked to respect the physical distancing guidelines and the public health orders from the Provincial Health Officer.

If you have any questions or concerns related to residential or business services in the UEL, contact the UEL Administration Office.

UEL Administration Office is open regular office hours.
Please follow these precautions:

  • If you are SICK or have symptoms, please DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE.
  • If you can do your business with us by telephone, please call 604-660-1808.
  • If you can do your business with us by email, please use UEL@gov.bc.ca.
  • If you must enter, please always keep a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) between you and any staff.

Payments can be made by:

  • Cheque through the door slot – please identify what they are for.
  • Credit Card over the phone (Visa or MasterCard only).
  • Please DO NOT put cash in the mail slot.

The UEL staff are following the Provincial Health Officer’s guidelines of physical distancing, proper hand washing and maintaining workplace cleanliness. We advise that residents follow the guidelines and remind their loved ones of the same directives.

Please do not approach Public Works staff who are working to keep our area clean and maintained. Stay at least 2 metres away from the workers and remember that the need for physical distancing is vital.


  • For provincial health officer orders, notices and guidance, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/phoguidance
  • For non-health related information, including financial, childcare and education supports, travel, transportation and essential service information, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/Covid-19 or call 1 888 COVID19 (1 888 268-4319) between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week.


In the UEL, construction, repair, excavation or demolition of a building or street is permitted between 7:30am and 7:00pm, Monday through Friday, 9:00am and 4:00pm Saturdays, excluding Statutory Holidays. Schedule 6: Noise Control Bylaw of the UEL Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw addresses the issue of noise. 


NEW FOR AREA B The UEL has a new Geotechnical and Stormwater Requirement Policy for any proposed development in Area B. Please review the AECOM Area B Slope Stability and Protection Geotechnical Data Report, April 2019 and contact the UEL office for more information.


In addition to the coin operated parking meters, the UEL have implemented an electronic payment option for parking using HONK Mobile. This service will be available for existing and repurposed parking spaces at the Marketplace and along the west side of Acadia between Toronto and Ortona Road. The application will enable users to pay for or top up parking from their phone or tablet. Signage has been installed and the service is now active.


The new garbage schedules for Area A and Areas B&C are now available. For more information, CLICK HERE .


Is your household prepared for an emergency?

It is important to know the risks, make a plan and get a kit. Access our Emergency Preparedness page to learn more and find out how to build or buy an emergency kit.


New incentives are available for retrofits and new buildings at EfficiencyBC. EfficiencyBC makes it fun and easy! A one-stop application for EfficiencyBC, BC Hydro and FortisBC. Use the easy search tool to find incentives tailored to your project and support the reduction of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. EfficiencyBC is funded by the Province of BC and the Government of Canada.


The UEL is in the process of creating an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP). The plan is for the developed areas of the UEL (not Pacific Spirit Regional Park) which predominantly drain northward to Burrard Inlet.

The Stage 1 report has been completed. CLICK HERE to read the report.

The Stage 2 report has been completed. CLICK HERE to read the report.


Are you a resident of Area A or B? Was your parking decal acquired before August 2015? The older white decals are being phased out. Please come to the UEL Administration Office with proof of residence and your vehicle’s registration to obtain a new RED (Area A) or BLUE (Area B) parking decal.


Parking decals are available for multi-family residents who are eligible. To renew your parking permit, the following documents MUST be presented:

1. VALID ICBC VEHICLE INSURANCE with current UEL address. Resident should be listed either as the vehicle owner or principal operator; plus:

2. COPY OF CURRENT UTILITY BILL  (i.e. Telephone, Hydro or Cable Bill) showing your name and current UEL address or your tenancy agreement.

NOTE: Parking permits expire September 30 of each year. Vehicles parked in a multi-family zone without a valid parking permit may be towed without warning. Parking permits are obtained from the UEL Administration Office, located at 5495 Chancellor Boulevard.


Many people have commented on the chafer beetle infestation in the lawn in front of the UEL Administration building. The beetle’s larva are popular with crows, skunks, raccoons and other creatures who dig up the lawn to get at the larva.

Chafer beetle infestation has been moving this way for more than a decade and can be seen in many parts of the UEL. There are chemical and biological treatments available as integrated pest management options. None of them completely eliminate the problem as it is so wide-spread.

There are a number of good websites describing the problem and potential solutions. As we are a provincial agency, we’ll provide a couple of provincial websites as a starting point:

Other resources:

Residents are advised to discuss treatment options with their landscape professional and to make sure whichever treatment option is chosen, that they ensure the applicator is certified and compliant with pest management regulations. The UEL Administration does NOT oversee pesticide regulation or treatment.

If you are planning to treat for chafer beetle next season be a good neighbour and keep your neighbours informed as to what you are doing. Some folks are particularly sensitive to certain chemicals and will appreciate advance notice. Other neighbours may want to coordinate with you on treatment options.


For information pertaining to the Block Watch Program in the University Endowment Lands, please call the UBC RCMP at:

Phone: 604-224-1322
Fax:    604-224-4759

General information regarding the Block Watch Program can be found here.


The UEL has updated its Snow Removal Policy in response to the recent weather events. Residents and business owners are asked to review the policy, located here.