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leləm (Block F Development)

Musqueam First Nations, through their development group, Musqueam Capital Corporation, is proceeding with development of the property known as Block F, located between University Boulevard, Toronto Road, Acadia Road and Ortona Road. Bylaw approval for rezoning has been granted. The developer is seeking subdivision approval at this stage. Development and building permits will be required at later stages in the development.

Bylaw Enactment
On November 16, 2016, pursuant to Section 12(5) of the University Endowment Land Act, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development amended the following bylaws to facilitate a mixed-use development on Block F, which is bounded by University Blvd, Toronto Rd, Acadia Rd, and Ortona Rd (the “subject property”):

  • Land Use, Building and Community Administration Bylaw - to rezone the subject property from Multi-Family Residential I to Comprehensive Development II;
  • Official Community Plan - to change the land use designations from Multi-Family Residential to Commercial, Institutional, Open Space, Multi-Family Residential Low and High Rise; and
  • Works and Services Bylaw - to insert supplemental standards specific to the public realm of the subject property.

As well, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development enacted the following bylaws with respect to the development of the subject property:

  • Block F Phased Development Agreement Bylaw; and
  • Block F Housing Agreement Bylaw.

Then, on June 10, 2016, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development signed the following order:

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Colliers International applied to the University Endowment Lands on behalf of Musqueam Block F Land Ltd. in December 2013 to rezone the Block F lands from Multi-Family Residential (MF-1) zoning to Comprehensive District (CD) zoning. Colliers International submitted a revised application in May 2015.

Block F is 21.44 acres in area (click here for location map)(PDF 84KB). The Province of British Columbia transferred the land to the Musqueam First Nation in 2008 as part of a Reconciliation, Settlement and Benefits Agreement. The land was transferred with Multi-Family Residential 1 (MF-1) zoning in place, permitting residential development with a maximum density of 1.45 FSR (Floor Space Ratio) and a maximum building height of four storeys.

The revised rezoning application proposes 1,216,684 sf of residential multi-family development and 30,000 sf of commercial development. A range of rental and ownership residential buildings are proposed, including townhouses, 4-6 storey low rise apartments, and 12 and 18 storey high rise apartments. Proposed building densities range from 1.09 to 3.0 FSR. The proposed Block F site density would increase from 1.45 FSR to 1.75 FSR. The estimated population of Block F when complete would be approximately 2500.

The Musqueam First Nation Reconciliation, Settlement and Benefits Agreement requires that three acres of the Block F site be transferred to the UEL for a park. The application proposes a neighbourhood park including mature evergreen trees, open activity areas, trails and walkways, and children’s play areas.

Other proposed community amenities include a 15,000 sf UEL community centre, a village square, a child care centre, and publicly accessible wetland, trails and open spaces.