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The University Endowment Lands' (UEL's) Official Community Plan, adopted in 2005 and most recently amended in 2022, reflects the character and aspirations of the UEL community.

The community includes four distinct areas: Area A, Area B, Area C, and Area D, which includes the Village. Areas A, B, and C are single family residential areas. Area D is the commercial centre and contains multi-family residential units. Area D has seen the most growth over the last ten years.

While there is no mayor and council, community members are well represented on two key groups that were established in the Official Community Plan to provide advice to the Manager.

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) consists entirely of members elected by the four Areas in the UEL in proportion to their population.

The Advisory Design Panel (ADP), established through the CAC's constitution, has a mix of professional architects, landscape architects, engineers and community members elected to represent their areas who are part of the panel when matters located in their area are under consideration.

The community also participates in the election of the Metro Vancouver Director for "Electoral Area A" who represents all of the unincorporated area in Metro Vancouver's jurisdiction.

Community Newsletters

From time to time the University Endowment Lands (UEL) Administration will distribute a community newsletter to residents. The newsletters are an important source of information for residents and include updates on new and existing residential services, infrastructure improvements, special events, and annual reminders. Digital copies of these newsletters are posted here:

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